Spraybond® Insulation Canister Adhesive


Tissue faced & foil faced PIR/PUR, XPS, EPS, Stone Wool, Rockwool, Kingspan Optim-R


Concrete, timber (OSB, plywood etc), metal, bituminous membranes, asphalt, foil faced/aluminium VCL and more.

Dove Spraybond® Insulation canister adhesive is a single component moisture curing polyurethane adhesive applied from a canister to provide accurate application whilst reducing installation time. The insulation adhesive foams instantly which allows the user to determine the correct amount of product to compensate for undulating surface of the roof and steps within laps of the vapour control layer. The adhesive is easily control and applied through the applicator gun which is light weight allowing for maximum manoeverability.

The insulation adhesive contains is free of VOCs and uses non-flammable propellants with extremely low GWP (global warming potential) making the product both safer and more environmentally friendly. Spraybond® Insulation canister adhesive foams to compensate for any undulations of the roof deck including laps in vapour control layers, ensuring a strong, permanent and polymeric bond.

Although only a single component insulation adhesive its extremely quick cure time allows for quick installation time dramatically increasing project completion as a result. To find out more watch the demonstration video below and contact our team to find out more.

• Rapid and professional application
• Up to 350m2 per canister
• Solvent free formulation

• Moisture curing adhesive
• Insulation secure in 15 minutes
• Polymeric, remains flexible

Technical Specification

Chemical BaseSingle Component Polyurethane
Min. Application Temp5°C
Coverage Rate per CanisterUp to 350m²
Cure Rate15 Mins @ 20°C
Solids Content100%
FlammabilityNon-flammable adhesive & propellant

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