Spraybond® Insulation Canister Adhesive


Tissue faced & foil faced PIR/PUR, XPS, EPS, Mineral Wool, Kingspan Optim-R


Concrete, timber (OSB, plywood etc), metal, bituminous membranes, asphalt, foil faced/aluminium VCL and more.

Dove Spraybond® Insulation canister adhesive is a single component moisture curing polyurethane adhesive applied from a canister to provide accurate application whilst reducing installation time. The adhesive contains no VOCs and uses non-flammable propellants reducing the risks associated with pressurised canisters. Spraybond® Insulation canister adhesive foams to compensate for any undulations of the roof deck including laps in vapour control layers, ensuring a strong, permanent and polymeric bond.

• Rapid and professional application
• Up to 350m2 per canister
• Solvent free formulation

• Moisture curing adhesive
• Insulation secure in 15 minutes
• Polymeric, remains flexible

Technical Specification

Chemical BaseSingle Component Polyurethane
Min. Application Temp5°C
Coverage Rate per CanisterUp to 350m²
Cure Rate15 Mins @ 20°C
Solids Content100%

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