Spraybond® EPDM Canister Adhesive

Spraybond® EPDM canister adhesive is a spray applied contact adhesive for specifically bonding EPDM membranes for flat roofing applications for both horizontal and vertical bonding. The product is delivered through a hose and spray gun system, which means application is clean and efficient allowing for rapid installation of the membrane.

• High temperatures resisitance
• Rapid and accurate application
• High solids content

• Rapid drying with long open time
• Suitable for vertical applications
• Strong, permanent polymeric bond


Non-fleece backed / naked EPDM


Various insulation boards (PIR/PUR, Tissue faced, foil faced, XPS, EPS, mineral wool), timber, OSB, plywood, metal.

Technical Specification

Chemical BaseSynthetic Rubber
Application Temp5°C to 30°C
Coverage Rate per CanisterUp to 80m²
Bond TypeWeb Spray Contact Adhesive