SPRAYBOND® | Canister Adhesive Range

Dove Technology’s Spraybond® Canister adhesive range are the professionals choice, providing a whole host of benefits to the contractor over traditionally roller applied or bead applied adhesives and primers. Spraybond® canisters allow for simple and professional adhesive application, allowing the contractor to accurately apply adhesives in a more controlled and consistent manner. This ensure both that the coverage rates are more easily achieved thus achieving a cost saving but more importantly ensures that all components are adhered correctly in accordance with the projects wind uplift calculations.

All of Dove’s Spraybond® canister adhesives and primers are supplied in large 22L canister to ensure maximum yield from each canister sold – but we can also offer 11L canisters if required. As a manufacturer we can tailor all of our products to meet even the most stringent requirements.  If you’d like any further information, or would like a representative to give you and your team a product demonstration please submit a request using the buttons below. Alternatively select one of the Spraybond® Canisters above to find out more information about each individual product.

Spraybond® Range:

Bonds: XPS, EPS, PIR/PUR, foil faced, tissue faced and mineral wool insulation boards.

Bonds: Fleece backed single ply membranes such as EPDM, PVC, TPO, FPO and more.

Bonds: Unbacked (naked) EPDM both field areas and vertical applications.

Bonds: Unbacked (naked) TPO/FPO/TPE single ply membranes both field and vertical applications.

Bonds: Unbacked (naked) PVC single ply membranes, both field and vertical areas using traditional two-way stick.

Primes: Universal primer for self adhesive membranes and vapour control layers.