SA Primer (Self Adhesive Membrane Primer)

SA Primer is a high performance self adhesive membrane primer for both vapour control layers and waterproofing membranes to variety of substrates. Our self adhesive primer ensures that self adhesive membranes can be used all year round and increases the bond strength between the membrane and substrate dramatically.

The product is simply roller applied onto the substrate, requiring minimal tooling to get to work with a suitable open time for flat roofing applications. We have multiple formulations available to tailor the product to the membrane the product is used in conjunction with and our technical team will work with you to identify the most suitable formulation.

• Non-chlorinated formulation
• Rapid drying time
• Instant grab

• Simple application
• Excellent resistance to ageing
• Strong, permanent polymeric bond


Primes substrates prior to laying self-adhesive vapour control layers and waterproofing membranes


Insulation boards (PIR/PUR, tissue faced, foil faced, faced stone wool), timber (OSB, plywood etc), concrete, metal, bituminous membranes, asphalt and more.

Technical Specification

Chemical BaseSynthetic Rubber
Application Temp5°C to 30°C
Coverage Rate per Litre4 - 8m²

Ancillaries: SA Primer

Nothing required other than a roller, saving costs and offering simple application.