PU Primer

Dove Technology’s PU Primer is a high performance penetrating polyurethane based primer sealer for preparing substrates for bonding or coating. It’s the ideal choice for refurbishment and overlay roofing specifications for increased performance to give peace of mind.

It is suitable for use on porous substrates such as concrete, timber and fibre cement sheets. It’s increases adhesion on existing asphalt, as well as bituminous membranes and felts, the primer allows for consolidation of loose mineral on RBM (reinforced bituminous membranes) cap sheets. It is also compatible with polyester, polyurethane, acrylic and bituminous coatings and adhesives.

It is an ideal product to aid and increase levels of adhesion to porous substrates, and is moisture tolerant which will actively react and cure in the presence of moisture within the substate.

• High coverage rate per litre
• Rapid drying time
• Multipurpose primer

• Simple application
• Perfect for substrate preparation
• Strong, permanent polymeric bond


Concrete, fibre cement sheets, screed, timber (OSB & plywood and more), masonry (brick & block), asphalt and RBM (reinforced bituminous membranes) mineral and sand finish.

Technical Specification

Chemical BasePolyurethane
Application Temp5°C to 30°C
Coverage Rate per Litre8 - 12m²

Ancillaries: PU Primer

Nothing required other than a roller, saving costs and offering simple application.