Plybond EPDM Deck Adhesive

Plybond EPDM Deck adhesive is a high performance water based adhesive for bonding a variety of EPDM membranes to plywood, OSB, concrete and more. Plybond EPDM Deck adhesive is a contact adhesive, used to bond main roof exposures of smaller flat roof constructions, it’s used in conjunction with Plybond EPDM Contact Adhesive which bonds the roof perimeters. Plybond Deck adhesive is 100% solvent and VOC free, and contains no fillers within its formulation.

• Excellent wet tack
• No VOCs
• Roller applied

• 100% hazard free
• Odourless
• Alternative formulations available


Non-fleece backed / naked EPDM single ply membranes


Various insulation boards (PIR/PUR, Tissue faced, foil faced, XPS, EPS, mineral wool), timber (OSB, plywood etc), concrete, metal.

Technical Specification

Chemical BaseWater Based Acrylic
Min. Application Temp5°C
Coverage Rate per Litre2.8 - 4m²
Bond TypeContact Adhesive

Ancillaries: Plybond EPDM Deck Adhesive

  • Nothing required, grab a roller and get stuck in.