Monobond Insulation Adhesive

Monobond Insulation Adhesive is a high performance, single component polyurethane insulation adhesive specifically for the bonding of rigid insulation boards to a variety of roof decks and vapour control layers. Dove Monobond Insulation Adhesive reacts with moisture resulting in a foaming reaction which then cures and forms a permanent, strong bond that withstands both high and low temperatures. The product has been formulated to meet environmental standards, as it contains no solvents or VOCs.

Our PU insulation adhesive is the perfect choice for small to medium sized projects, as no additional application equipment is required. The adhesive can simply be poured from the can at the appropriate bead centres and the insulation boards laid directly into the wet adhesive.

• Propellant free packaging
• No solvents or VOCs
• Damp surface friendly

• Foams for uneven surfaces
• No tools required
• Polymeric, remains flexible


Various insulation boards – PIR/PUR (tissue faced, foil faced), XPS, EPS, Stone Wool, Rockwool, Kingspan Optim-R


Timber (OSB, plywood etc), metal, bituminous waterproofing membranes, asphalt, foil faced vapour control layer, concrete, masonry and more.

Technical Specification

Chemical BaseSingle Component Polyurethane
Min. Application Temp5°C
Coverage Rate per 6kgUp to 60m²
Cure Rate30 minutes @ 20°C
Solids Content100%

Ancillaries: Monobond Insulation Adhesive

  • Nothing required, simply pour from the tin and get stuck in.