Monobond | 1K Polyurethane Adhesives

Dove Technology have developed and formulated a range of single component polyurethane adhesives (1k PU) providing simple and cost effective alternative to two-component (2k PU) and canister applied adhesives. Monobond adhesives are the ideal choice for smaller projects, and do not require any form of application equipment to get to work. Monobond range includes an insulation adhesive and a multipurpose membrane adhesive which is capable of bonding bituminous membranes along with partial bonding of fleece backed single ply membranes.

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Monobond Range:

Bonds: Various insulation boards – PIR/PUR, tissue faced, foil faced, XPS, EPS, Mineral Wool

Bonds: Bituminous membranes and partial bonding fleece backed single ply membranes