Duobond Insulation Adhesive

Dove Duobond Insulation adhesive is a foaming two component polyurethane adhesive which not only bonds the insulation; but also contains no volatile solvents to meet environmental standards. The adhesive comes in 1500ml cartridges, once applied the adhesive reacts to form a permanent polyurethane bond with excellent adhesion and flexibility even at very low temperatures.

Duobond Insulation Adhesive was developed with the purpose of allowing for simple, uniform and accurate application on-site whilst remaining both as environmentally and  health and safety friendly as possible.

• Cold applied
• Consistent mixing through the static mixer nozzle
• No release of volatile solvents to the atmosphere

• Strong, permanent bond
• Polymeric, remains flexible
• Propellant free packaging with simple disposal


Various insulation boards – PIR/PUR, tissue faced, VIP panels, foil faced, XPS, EPS, Mineral Wool


Timber (OSB, plywood etc), metal, bituminous waterproofing membranes, asphalt, foil faced vapour control layers and more.

Technical Specification

Chemical BaseTwo Component Polyurethane
Application Temp-10°C* to 30°C
Coverage Rate per 1500mlUp to 10m²
Cure Rate10 minutes @ 20°C
Solids Content100%

*Adhesive must be stored 20°C prior to application