Fleecebond Tape

Dove Fleecebond tapes have been developed specifically for adherence to all difficult porous or non-porous surfaces. These tapes are laminated with non-woven fleece backing ideal for subsequently applying liquid waterproofing systems, perfect for use as an insulation jointing tape. The adhesive surface is protected by silicone coated release liner with finger lift edges for easy backing removal. The sealing compound is manufactured from a synthetic rubber based formula with exceptionally high surface adherence.

Dove Fleecebond Tape is suitable for applications such as waterproofing of roofs, concrete perimeters such as in basements, garages & terraces as well as joints and seams found on building & roofing surfaces. Fleecebond’s main applications are to be used as a jointing tape for sealing joints insulation boards, outlets and detail work, to which a liquid waterproofing system can be subsequently applied.This removes the need for embedding fleece in liquid resins for sealing these areas, making it more economical and decreasing application times.

Dove Fleecebond is also the ideal product for cut edge corrosion work on sheet metal roofing, a much more efficient application method reducing labour times prior to application of liquids. Dove Fleecebond Tape seals and waterproofs the exposed cut edge and also is suited for sealing joints between sheets ensuring a watertight and aesthetically pleasing finish once the liquid coating has been applied.